Spring Paleo Shrimp and Scallop Salad

Summer Shrimp & Scallop Salad


1 pound Shrimp (Peeled and Deveined)

1 pound Bay Scallops

1 cup Green Peppers (Diced)

1 cup Red Onions (Diced)

1 cup Tomatoes (Diced)

1 cup Mango (Diced)

1 cup Cucumber (Peeled, Seeded and Diced)

¼ cup Scallion (Sliced Thin)

¼ cup Fresh Mint (Sliced Thin)

1 Tbsp. Red Chili Flakes

¼ cup Olive Oil

¼ cup Lemon or Lime Juice

Salt to taste


Prepare a container with 3-5 pounds of ice and water to the level of the ice. You will be adding blanched shrimp and scallops to it, so leave room in the container. Bring 2 gallons of water to a boil in a large pot. Turn the pot down to medium and add the shrimp and scallops carefully. Stir the pot once to break up any that are stuck together. Allow to poach for 3 minutes, strain and add to ice container immediately. Remove the shrimp and scallops from the ice water when they have cooled completely-about ten minutes.

Place the poached shrimp and scallops in a large mixing bowl. Add all the other ingredients to the bowl and mix thoroughly with a kitchen spoon. Transfer to a serving bowl and serve.


Yield: Serves 8